Twisted – Chapter 24

Jack’s plane just landed at Mc Carren Internation Airport, he got his bag and asked for a taxi to take him to the Wyck’s.  Paranoia must have set in at some point as he began to look around to see if he had been followed.  He saw nothing but he was very anxious and when the driver turned into the drop off for the hotel Jack didn’t notice at first. 

The driver turned to Jack and said that’ll be twenty bucks, Jack pulled himself back to reality and handed him a credit card Oliver said he had preloaded two grand onto it. 

Back in the hotel, Dan gets a call the voice on the other end just says, “Jack is at your casino, intercept him and get him checked into a room if he’s staying there.”

Dan gets up and heads for the entrance, he looks towards the front of lobby and sees Patrick, then looks towards front doors, and spots Jack coming in through the doors.  He heads his way to Jack and in a low voice so that only Jack can hear he says your boss called and wanted me to help you check in… I got a room set up for you.  

Then being more overt Dan asks aloud, “The main lobby is under construction may I help check you in Sir?”

Jack caught on quick and said, “Not right this minute, I’m looking for the casino floor”

Dan acting like he was attempting to shield Patrick said, “I’ll be happy to show you to some great tables.”

Once they reach the casino floor Dan hands Jack his room key and an envelope, no other words are spoken as Dan leaves for his office. 


Back in his office and on the phone Dan asks, “It’s done, is my account settled?”

The voice on the other end says, “very well, we have no further business to discuss” then hangs up.

Dan sat back in his chair and sighed a bit of relief.  An email chimed in and he opened it, it had a link to another sight.  He clicked it and it went to a secure site. He typed in a password he had been given and instantly a video of a file being destroyed in a fireplace showed up. 

Dan new this mean he was safe and closed the link, he didn’t need to see more.  He got up and walked to the Spa to meet up with Patrick.   Safe and sound at last, well he had hope for it at least, no one would figure out his true identity.


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