Twisted Chapter 26

They walk over to the employee parking lot and Emily finds her car. 

Patrick asks, “Why is your car tilting to one side?

Emily looks at her car and discovered that both of her right side tires are flat, “What the heck, how do both my tires go flat at once.” 

This was playing into Patrick’s plan all the better.  He looked around, “well that isn’t good, we can’t even use your spare to put it on.” 

“No the strange thing is I don’t have a spare anyway because my front left tire was flat two weeks ago and I used the spare on that one.  All my tires are going flat… or someone’s popping my tires.” She stated

Patrick looked at the tires and saw that they were pretty warn out but plenty of tread still they’d last for a bit longer. “Perfect, do you have AAA?”

“Yes” it’s a must out here in the desert Emily stated

“Good have it towed to a garage and have all the tires replaced I’ll take care of it.  Just have it billed to my room.  No worries.”  Patrick smiled

Emily stood in complete shock, so Patrick played the role of the concerned male and asked, “You okay?”

“Huh yeah sorry”, as she reaches for her phone and calls AAA, gets them on the line and tells them what she wants done.  They agree and hang up.

“Now what”, she asks

“Now we find a car rental place”, Patrick says, “I still want to go for a drive.”

They make it to rent-a-surprise… And Patrick asks the agent for a fun car.  The agent looks at his records and says, “Well, for fast have a Mustang, small intimate we have a Mini Super and  …“

“I’ll take the Mustang”, Patrick interrupts, “Can you bill it to my room at the Wyck?”

“Not a problem Sir, I’ll have it brought around immediately”, the agent says with a smile.

“Outstanding”, Patrick says then adds, “I’ll be right back got to use the restroom”

Patrick pretends to head to the restrooms and slips out the side door and finds the agent, he was talking to just bringing the car around.  He signals for him to stop… the agent rolls down the car window with a questioned look on his face. 

“Hey buddy how would you like to make a little extra cash, nothing illegal I promise, just my boss is one of these strict management types who will ask me to cut off a limb if I screw up, anyway, I have this monitor on that tracks my heart rate and other things and its kinda a buzz kill if I could get you to wear it that would be an extra 50 bucks in it for you.”

The dude looks confused and says, “I don’t know”

“Alright alright make it an extra hundred than?” Patrick smiles, “You can’t pass that up come on help me out, don’t want the chick to find this thing strapped to me ya know”.

The agent agrees and Patrick says mentions that it needs to stay on him and he’ll get it back when he drops the car off.

Then goes back through the side door and waits for the dealer to come around.  He turns to Emily with a devious smile on his face, “Ready for some speed?”


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