Twisted – Chapter 27

On the open road Patrick starts to open the 2012 mustang up a little. It looks to be a customized paint job with racing strips from front to back, with a sunroof and a back spoiler. The radio is a preset for the basics… but nothing Patrick seems to be interested in.

“So tell me your story Emily”, Patrick making a direct request more than a question.

Emily hymns and haws and comes back with, “Sure what do you want to know?”

“What brought you to the desert, where are you originally from, hobbies? You know the whole back story.” Patrick says with a smile.

“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours,” Emily comes back hoping to divert the questioning away from her.

“I’m an open book, ask and you shall receive, no holding back now.” Patrick gets serious for a second as he looks over at Emily, “So who you really working for?” Then he laughs evil at her expression of bewilderment with a side of shock that he might know something.

For her part Emily laughed too, “Oh you are a joker aren’t you.”

Patrick lightheartedness came back, “you know it beautiful, I’m easy going.”

At this point Patrick had the Mustang up to the 80 mpg range and was on the freeway no one seemed to be on the road and he was enjoying this adrenaline rush. It brought back the color in his cheeks as if being dead and brought back to life.

Emily started talking about working at the casino, and the front desk duties and all the interesting characters she had met. That she had started working there to pay for school that she was just there temporarily tell she graduated then she’d be going back home… but failed to mention where home was.
Patrick noticed the patterns of her speech and how she’d keep parts hidden from the conversation. He noticed how she’d stop and think as if she was attempting to remember something then continue on. He could see the lies that were mixed with the truth. He just listened and didn’t speak attempting himself to decide what would and wouldn’t be said.

“Alright so it’s your turn” Emily said as Patrick must have missed half of what she was saying as he was lost in thought.

He decided, “Well basically I’m from San Diego, moved to Seattle, then some stranger I meet playing chess has roped me into some screwed up scheme of whose dick is bigger between a childhood friends of his. So I’m staying at your hotel, I think as bait to draw out the supposed “bad guy”. I’m not sure on the whole story and who to believe. Quite honestly I don’t trust anyone, but at least I’m having fun, while I attempt to figure out what this all has to do with me and who all is involved.”

Emily jaw seems to have dislodged itself from the joint as her mouth hung open. She wasn’t expecting such a story. She wasn’t prepared to go on…

Patrick spotted the SUV for a while someone was following them, then he saw the sign for the next rest stop, “Hey lets stretch our legs at that rest stop.”

Emily just nodded as she reached into her purse and produced a lipstick case and started to put it on. She hoped she kept the button she had pushed on the bottom of the lipstick tube secret. Patrick had taken the road into the rest stop and was starting to whistle.


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